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"... captivating, striking, brilliant" - JAZZIZ magazine

"Nancy Stagnitta is among a very few flutists on the planet who can truly play BOTH Classical and Jazz flute! The recent recording with Bob James speaks volumes to her fluency and talent in great flute playing."
- Jim Walker, "Freeflight," LA Philharmonic former principal flutist

"... Nancy Stagnitta played with brilliance and beauty of tone."
- The Baltimore Sun

"... not only a supremely talented musician, she represents the best of America in grace, poise and good humor."
- U.S.I.A., Maputo, Mozambique

"... Stagnitta plays her flute with loving tenderness... quite inventive... [Stagnitta and Levit] breathe sensitivity into the melodic tunes, yet they also transmit stimulating vibes through their close interplay and creative interpretations... this performance has character and many surprises..."
- Cadence Magazine

A Powell artist, Nancy Stagnitta plays an all-10K Custom Powell flute and a 19.5K Powell Philharmonic style headjoint. Learn more

Upcoming Events


July 17-19

Da Capo Alliance Flute Program
Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris
Featuring the European premiere:
Jazz Sonata for unaccompanied flute by Bob James

August 2, 7-9:30pm

Jazz at Sunset
with the Jeff Haas Trio
Chateau Chantal Winery
Old Mission Peninsula, Traverse City, MI

August 3, 6:30-8:30pm

Jazz at the Garden Cafe
with Peter Tolias
Pine Hill Nursery, 10 miles north of Elk Rapids, MI

August 9-11

Flutistry Artist Showcase performance
Robert Willoughby tribute concert
Audition workshop
National Flute Association Convention
Orlando, FL

August 15, 8:30-11:30pm

Jazz at Torch Lake Cafe
with Ali Ryerson and Chris Bickley
Central Lake, MI

September 1

Concerto soloist
China National Symphony Orchestra
National Centre for the Performing Arts, Beijing, China
Asian premiere:
"Giants of the Night" Concerto by David Amram